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The Alexander Ad Agency specializes in providing affordable video content professionally formatted for commercial advertising. With the rising cost of almost everything the small business owner – in most cases – is unable to afford the high cost of advertising.


That’s where we come in: we’re here to help the small business owner reach new customers via commercial advertising without breaking the bank.

We at The Alexander Ad Agency can tailor to the clients needs a professional video content to be used as a commercial advertising spot. Because we keep our cost down, we are able to pass those savings on thereby not adding unnecessary financial burden.

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Our Story

The Alexander Ad Agency specializes in working with small to medium-sized businesses that are challenged with the high cost of advertising. We’re able to tailor the cost of advertising to meet the clients needs.

With the rising costs of most everything, including advertising, we understand those challenges and are here to help the small business potentially obtain new customers via professionally created video advertising.

While we do understand that we may not be able to address everyone’s advertising needs we will work with you to find the best solution.


We're always ready to assist you in your advertising needs.


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